A crowd of people at the statiom

Waiting for the last train home

With tired legs and tired faces

Lost in thoughts and all alone


Out Through The Entrance

A million endless corridors

These walls are closing in on me

Broken glass upon the floor

The more I seek, the less I see


The Family Tree

In this place where we grew up

I‘ve been searching for the key

It seems that every door is shut

Spirits are surrounding me


Room With A View

In my room

There are no clocks

No phones, no televisions

In my room

You wouldn't find me

April Dusk

Under my cold and aching feet

This is the path I have to go

Through the deadwood, 

through the trees

It feels like a swelling undertow

Walking On Eggshells

Don‘t stare, don‘t move, don‘t turn around

Don‘t care, don‘t prove, don‘t make a sound

Don’t swear, don’t try, don’t leave a trace

Don’t dare, don’t lie, don’t fall from grace

How To Breathe

Through the ebb, through the flow 

Seasons come and seasons go

Open sea and cloudy skies

Watching days and nights go by 

Welcome Home

Welcome, welcome Home

Step through that creaking door 

Remember and forget 

You‘ve been here before

You‘ve been here before



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